Fenwick Lioness Executive


Past President: Lioness Susan Beamer

President: Lioness Darlene Raymond

1st Vice President: Lioness Dinah Finamore

2nd Vice President: Lioness Gladys Recchia

Secretary: Lioness Helen Pickup

Treasurer: Lioness Joan Ballantyne

Directors: – 1 Year – Heather Soares 2 Year – Victoria Gobeil

Tail Twister: Lioness Helga Hall


Sunshine: Lioness Anne Robbins

Historian: Lioness Judy Haist

Funeral Catering: Lioness Gladys Recchia

Dinner Captains: Lioness Susan Beamer

Phone Captains: Lioness Helga Hall; Lioness Phyllis Kobald: Lioness Judy Haist; Lioness Genny Annis

Soup Lunch Convenor: Lioness Heather Soares; Lioness Joan Ballantyne: Lioness Gladys Recchia

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